DSO’s/Dance Teachers, Have you lost your flexibility? Video 2 is for you!

Special thanks to Kathy Howard Photography

The interesting truth is that many dance teachers have lost their flexibility.

But if you think about it, the loss of flexibility makes sense, right? We are teaching, teaching, teaching and/or sitting at our desks all the time (not stretching), and we get less opportunity to stretch than we used to…

As a dance instructor, I needed my personal daily fitness regimen to include careful daily stretching as part of, and in addition to, my cardio and toning work. I understood that other dance instructors needed this as well. Therefore, in designing The Dancer’s Workout® (TDW), I decided to create an adult dance fitness program, not an adult dance technique program. Don’t get me wrong — the thousands of adult dance technique classes available in dance studios across America and abroad are fantastic and absolutely necessary! But in addition to those classes, I personally felt there needed to be a dance fitness class out there for intermediate/advanced adult ballet, jazz, and contemporary dancers that allowed the dancers to rely on their existing technique while they specifically focused on an hour of dance fitness.

So that’s what The Dancer’s Workout® is all about. It’s one solid hour of non-stop warm-up, dance cardio, and toning exercises, led by a high-energy teacher who provides minimal observation, feedback, and corrections during the actual class marathon. Sure, technique pointers and corrections are given before and after class; but during class, we’re all business as we dance through the scripted choreography of the TDW masterclass being featured that particular day.

To keep the movement non-stop, the instructor is expected to dance full-out with the class for the entire hour. While the main purpose of this teaching style is to enable our adult students to move throughout the entire hour, a really nice secondary benefit and bonus is that the TDW-certified instructor can get and stay in peak shape, alongside her students, while teaching The Dancer’s Workout®. The instructor is also able to improve/maintain her flexibility since all of The Dancer’s Workout® masterclasses include dedicated stretching songs (both within the first 10 minutes of class and at the very end of class).

To demonstrate a sample of our stretching songs, we put a little jewel into Video 2 of our TDW Treasure Chest. This gift is for the Dance Studio Owners (DSOs) and Dance Teachers. Just click the link and look for Video 2. Inside that Treasure Chest we have two nice, very slow, feel-good stretch songs which are the third and fourth songs in our one-hour, 15-song masterclass entitled, “Second Chances.” If your neck, back, hips, and hamstrings are feeling tight right about now, you’re going to love the slow, measured pace of these two stretch songs.

Welcome to the TDW Treasure Chest!

And keep this in mind… If you decided to become a TDW-Certified Instructor you too would be able to experience the magic every day. Our certified instructors find this to be a GREAT way to reclaim their dancer’s bodies and regain their flexibility.

Interested in learning more about certification? Start with the TDW Treasure Chest and follow the bread crumbs as you wish…

See you in class!


Jules Szabo, founder of The Dancer’s Workout® (TDW) is a classically trained ballerina from the UNC School of the Arts and former corporate executive who helps busy working women, mothers, and empty nesters rediscover their love of dance. She specializes in the paraprofessional dancer (adult ballet, jazz, and contemporary dancers who are not beginners and not professionals, who simply love dance over other forms of exercise). The Dancer’s Workout® classes were designed to provide former dancers an emotionally and physically safe path back to dance and to help current adult dancers and dance instructors achieve their daily fitness goals through dance. If you are a current or former dancer, you are invited to dance with us.

Are you a current dancer? Join our free daily class!

Been a while since you danced? Grab our 21-Day DANCER RESTARTER WIZARD and gain access to our LOST LOVE RECOVERY PROGRAM FOR FORMER DANCERS!

DSOs — Interested in bringing The Dancer’s Workout® to your studio? Check this out.

Teachers — Interested in becoming certified to teach The Dancer’s Workout®? Click here




Jules is a classical ballerina and former corporate executive who helps adult dancers achieve their daily fitness goals through dance www.thedancersworkout.com

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Jules is a classical ballerina and former corporate executive who helps adult dancers achieve their daily fitness goals through dance www.thedancersworkout.com

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