DSO’s/Dance Teachers, Our Dancers are Athletes. In Class, Like in Life, There are Moments When You have to Show Yourself and the World What You’re Made Of — Video 6

2 min readSep 20, 2021
Special thanks to Kathy Howard Photography

In class, like in life, there are moments when you have to show yourself and the world what you’re made of.

Things stop being easy. All of a sudden it’s time to buckle down, grit your teeth, and get it done.

In these moments, there are no free rides, no knights on white horses, and no easy way out.

The 4th and 5th dance cardio songs in The Dancer’s Workout® masterclass “Second Chances” are a bit like that. Fortunately they are super-fun; but even so, there is no escaping the fact that when powering through the 4th and 5th dance cardio songs, you are actually smack-dab-in-the-middle of the 8th and 9th songs in this one-hour, 15-song class. You have been going for quite a while and you are tired.

Are you a quitter? No.

Remember what Dad said, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” “You are tougher than you think.” “You can do this…”

Watch these girls kill it with sheer determination while reminding themselves, “Keep your shoulders down. Point your toes. Look pleasant. Breathe. Stay with the music. Don’t stop. You got this.”

Take a peek into Video 6 of our TDW Treasure Chest and give these girls a mental high-five for showing us what they’re made of during the final song in our six-song dance cardio arc.

See you in class!


Jules Szabo, founder of The Dancer’s Workout® (TDW) is a classically trained ballerina from the UNC School of the Arts and former corporate executive who helps busy working women, mothers, and empty nesters rediscover their love of dance. She specializes in the paraprofessional dancer (adult ballet, jazz, and contemporary dancers who are not beginners and not professionals, who simply love dance over other forms of exercise). The Dancer’s Workout® classes were designed to provide former dancers an emotionally and physically safe path back to dance and to help current adult dancers and dance instructors achieve their daily fitness goals through dance. If you are a current or former dancer, you are invited to dance with us.

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Jules is a classical ballerina and former corporate executive who helps adult dancers achieve their daily fitness goals through dance www.thedancersworkout.com